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PARC is a registered trademark of Three Trees Institute

About PARC

At PARC, we’re committed to encouraging continuous personal and professional development; continuous creating, healing, learning and growing, at any stage of ones career.

The PARC program is intended to help our embattled first responder community in the service of collective healing.

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It’s never been harder to be a police officer. The demands and stresses are relentless, and the pressure can often lead to mistakes made out of fear, whether they’re life-and-death split-second decisions, or more subtle, systemic behaviors that negatively impact the community.

Our program helps enhance the safety of police officers and the communities they serve, and supports the mental health and well-being of police officers, by giving them new skills and techniques for dealing with fear. They can avoid mistakes and be more intentional, even under the most stressful of environments, by better understanding fear, the role it plays in decision-making, and by learning techniques for staying mindful and intentional under stress.


Is there a way to repair our nation’s trust in police agencies and to reverse and heal the damaged mistrust from the public they serve?


Three Trees Institute has developed a program designed to help our embattled police   officers to  unlearn the mind sets, habits and patterns of behavior which contribute to the disconnect that exists between our peace officers and the communities they serve.


The training will enable peace officers to examine the role of individual and systemic fear in order to understand its impact on decision making as well as the situations and circumstances they find themselves in.


This process will enable peace officers to:

  • Understand their unconscious and unintentional motivations and actions to create a shift toward choosing intentional responses which can better serve a peaceful resolution to the situations they are presented with

  • Increase awareness and understanding to the role that rational and irrational fear plays in community relations and how they can either benefit or sabotage the circumstance

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the impact that fear has on their own perceptions, behavior and choices

  • Nurture more mental health and well-being even during the most stressful situations

  • Build stronger ties with their communities—and each other


It’s time for a new way forward. We believe that it’s time to give our Peace Officers the tools they need to stop reacting unconsciously to their circumstances and to learn to respond intentionally, thoughtfully, and with rational reason to peacefully resolve conflict within their communities.

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