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Welcome to PARC

Peace Awareness Response Community

The role fear plays on modern policing

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About PARC

The PARC program is intended to help our embattled police community and can be adapted for all first responder communities.

Please Contact Us to arrange your custom training program. Cost is approximately $250 per person per day but is discounted for multi-day programs if that is what suits your organization best. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the Team

Guryan Tighe

Fear Technician,

Leadership Development Coach & Training Facilitator,

PARC Co-founder

Guryan brings her experience as a leadership development coach, workshop leader and facilitator, and communications strategist. She created her company, FOURAGE because she's dedicated to helping people shift their relationship with fears to one of allyship. She created a model on how to identify and live your WHY (purpose) through accessing your fear. 

With PARC, she intends to leverage her experience on the Science of Fear (researching, coaching and creating models) and organizational culture change in combination with Michael’s first hand experience with the pressures upon peace officers to ensure confidence and resiliency for first responders.

She has served as the Head of Speaker Development at Jolt, working to reinvent the learning experience, Partner of Speakeasy Strategies, a strategic communication advisory firm, and prior to that, Chief Culture Officer, Highwire PR.


Guryan received her coaches and leadership development training from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).


Guryan is a recurring speaker at Stanford for the Stockholm School of Economics Executive MBA program (visiting session). She's a published author; contributing a chapter on Fear as Your Treasure Map and The Importance of your WHY. The Better Business Book: 100 People, 100 Stories, 100 Business Lessons To Live By (Volume 3 & Volume 4).


Contact Guryan:

Michael Blasi

Retired Peace Officer and Coach,

Training Facilitator,

PARC Co-founder

After a combined total of 28 years of military and public safety service, Michael was forced to resign from his public safety position in the fall of 2020 on the heels of multiple officer-related tragedies involving the Black community during that period in time.


As a result of the contact, Michael, serving as the patrol Sergeant, and the other two officers were accused of biased based policing. The resulting public outcry on social media, an aggressive internet doxxing campaign, and stories in the papers and on the local evening local news compelled the town government to force Michael and the serving Chief of police to resign their positions. 


After writing a book and documenting the experience, Michael realized that there was real value in addressing his own challenges, misfortunes, and missteps over his years of service to share with currently serving peace officers and first responders to help them avoid making the same mistakes. Mistakes combined with reflection can be transformed into lessons and knowledge that can benefit the many.       

With PARC, he intends to openly share his own real world successes and failures in combination with Guryan's extensive expertise on the science of fear and organizational culture change to give our first responders the chance to avoid his mistakes through open and safe discussion to benefit our heroes on the front lines of public safety. Think of it as a workshop on avoiding landmines based on Michael’s first hand experience walking, sometimes unsuccessfully, through his own minefields.  


Contact Michael:

Alicia Lerrigo

Business Administrator,

PARC Co-founder

Alicia's professional background is in project, program and portfolio management. She has almost two decades of experience with Project and Program Management at Fortune 100 and 500 companies.


She wants to put her experience in organization, marketing, and business to work for a cause she holds dearest to her heart, community and individual healing.


Having a daughter and brother who are both medical first responders, and a partner who was a police officer, Alicia understands the important role first responders play in the community. She believes that the path to wellbeing is through the points of friction, not around them. She believes that the friction between law enforcement and civilians in our nation is an indicator that the causes need to be addressed.

Alicia's goal is to ensure the PARC program stays aligned with its mission to establish a support framework for powerful human growth and healing to occur in the communities we live in, beginning with our law enforcement first responders.

Contact Alicia:

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